Olive Oil

During history, people on Korcula island were living in agricultural production. Among other cultures like wine production and fishing, there is also a tradition in producing figs as well as lavender.

Besides growing potatoes and many other vegetables, Korculans were very good at producing oil from olive trees.

Development of olive oil was improved after war periods and the majority of citizens invested in their fields with intention of getting better and more quality oil.

Olive ready for harvest
Olive ready for harvest

In the 1950s market of olive oil was flooded because of increased production of sunflower oil from other countries. Sunflower oil was less expensive to produce and was easier to buy than producing of olive oil on the island.

Today,  the local people are renovating their olive trees, because of the large demand for this kind of product. Olive oil is recognized as a quality product with wide usage in medical ndustry too.

The increase of ecological products also showed as a high incentive for locals to invest in their cultural heritage. Today there are about 50 producers of olive oil, offering products that are very much in demand very in Croatia and beyond.

In the last year’s olive oil fair that was held in Istria, several local families got a gold medal for their oil bottles and were top-rated oil on the Mediterranean Coast.

In future, the hope is that there will be more local entrepreneurs in agriculture, especially for wine and olive oil production. Future will hopefully prove this type of activity is sustainable on the island.